Make Money By Referring Animation To Peers

What Is Our Affiliate Program?

Our affiliate program allows for our affiliates to get a percentage of the initial sale when they refer a client that buys from us. We make animation for clients, so for example, if an affiliate refers their friend to our business, and that friend gets an animated video from us. Then the affiliate who referred the friend gets a percentage of the sale.

How Much Do Affiliates Get Paid?

We have different types of packages for our customers to buy from, so depending on what the clientbuys determines how much an affiliate gets paid. We also have bonuses and incentives for affiliates whorepeatedly refer customersto our businessand also refer customers who spend more money with us.We have videos for nonprofit organizations for as low as $300, businesses can get a 30–45 secondvideo for as low as $550, and organizations can also get series videos(multiple videos)for around$1500. So there is opportunity for affiliates to collect extra passive income with us. Each affiliate startsat 7% of the sale (not just profit, but the total sale). The percentage increases as the affiliate refers morebusiness. And there are bonuses and incentives if the client spends a certain amount of money with us.Affiliates can earn up to 15% of the sale in our program. And bonuses and incentives gives them achance to earn even more

Why Should You Join Our Affiliate Program?

We created this affiliate program with the affiliate and the client at heart. We want to give affiliates atruechance to earn some extra passive income. We also believe through this program we will also beable to help more clients explain their message through animation. People trust the words of their peersand we believe we can reach more people with a team of trusted affiliates

Benefits Of Becoming An Affiliate

  • Affiliates payments are processed when the clients pay the deposit (bi weekly payments)
  • Quality support to help affiliates understand how to make more money
  • Quality support to help affiliates understand the business and industry
  • Resources, samples, and marketing materials to help affiliates promote the business.
  • Support from TJ to get feedback on how we can make the affiliates job easier.

What Is Our Business?

We make animated videos to help organizations explain, educate, or entertain their audience. An organization could get an animated video made to help explain what problem they solve for their target audience. We also make videos for clients to educate their viewer and break down complex topics with animation to make them simple to understand. Animated videos could also be used as cartoons to simply provide entertainment and engagement for an audience. These are the main three pillars that we focus on with animation.

Our purpose is to provide value and help to everyone we can. Not everyone is at the stage where they need animation at this moment and some may not see the need for animation in their business. That is perfectly fine, it is our goal to make sure the ones that are ready and see the benefit for their business have the right support in order to get the results they are looking for.

Problems We Solve

We solve a lot of problems for our target audience, but for now we will focus on the main problems we solve:

  • We help organizations communicate what they do for their target audience in a concise way that their viewers will clearly understand.
  • We make videos that educates the viewer and breaks down complex topics to make them simple to grasp.
  • We create animation that can be used to entertain an audience

What Makes Our Program Different?

We built this affiliate program with a heavy focus on affiliate benefits. We want to run our program differently than other organizations, we want our affiliates to make more revenue. We want to grow our affiliates. Our program can be a stream of passive income, it can be a side hustle, all the way to a full time business. The choice is left to you. We want to provide the tools to make your experience as easy as possible. We want you to make as much as you want, think about it as writing your own check.