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You might be a Do-It-Yourself type of person, but may not know where to start. You don’t have to do it alone. We teach people the process and instruments involved with creating animated videos. We also help people jump start the marketing side of their organization. We like to think of ourselves as the training wheels to your bike. Helping you get started and better, then one day you will be able to ride and not need us. We want to help you get better, not depend on us so we can suck all the money we can out of you. You can go download some of our free e-documents that go in-depth into different sections of marketing. You can also fill out the questionnaire and sign up for a free consultation. In the consultation we will discuss your goals, where you are currently, and how we can help you. And then see what your next steps would be to reach your goals. 

Downloadable Documents
Our file of documents that serves as a step by step guide to different topics on marketing.
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Let TJ coach you in Animation and Marketing. We want to serve as your training wheels as your organization grows.
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Free Animation Course
We believe that animation is a powerful marketing tool and we want to share the skill to create animation with the world. So we made a free course that will teach you the entire process and software we use.
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Get some quick nuggets of animation and marketing information in our blogs. We make sure each article is straight to the point and impactful.
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