We CreateBranding,Explainer,Advertisment,EducationalVideos.

Compelling animation brings your brand to life, showcasing your products and services in a way that makes your customers want to know more. We develop videos your customers will want to watch. Your audience will discover and trust your brand, while you increase sales and donations. Want to have more fun doing business? While increasing money coming in? We’ll help you succeed.

Why companies love Us

" TJ has done all of my videos. Fast turn around, amazing customer service and all my videos are excellent quality. Thank you Terrence for all that you do! "
Quality Day Foundation
Nonprofit Org that helps with Domestic Violence
" Definitely 5 star service! TJ was quick efficient responsive and has another happy satisfied customer! Very professional and I'm honored to work with you! "
Lift R & R
Nonptofit Org that helps people in need
" I recently used TJ's Animation Workshop to create three animated explainer videos for one of my clients, and they did a fantastic job! TJ is so patient and creative and very quick to respond. We will definitely use them again for future projects! "
The Moore Media Group
Marketing Agency

What Do We Do?

We are Marketing Scientists who create animated explainer videos that will attract the target audience you want to reach. Once the viewer’s attention is grabbed, they will be hooked to your message. Animated video is the most efficient and fastest way to get your message across. Our Animation is created using our famous four step process, which involves careful planning, creative ideas, and precise execution.

If you are looking for an out of the box way to bring more eyes to your organization, then we are the people for the job. Whether you are a nonprofit organization, for profit business, or a Jolly Fat man in a red suit we will help you accomplish your marketing goals.

Send Animation To Family and Friends For Their Birthday

You can now send personalized animation to help you celebrate your loved ones. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or other special events. All you have to do is choose the template you like, pick the color, animated character type, and the wording you would like to include. Click the button below to see the animated options we have to offer.

How Do You Know This Is Something You Need?

 Do you have a story to tell, need to attract more eyes, or have a message to get across? Then an animated explainer video will help you do that and more! With a video you will be able to tell a story in an engaging way, reach the people you want to help, and simply explain complex messages.

How? You may ask. Well, one reason is simple… PEOPLE LOVE ANIMATION! Think about even as a kid, we watched cartoons (which is a form of animation). So why not talk to people in a way that will catch their attention? Animation will give your message the visual it needs to make it easy to understand. It will truly give the viewer an “AHA!” moment

Want to discuss your project?

Whether you want to pick our brain about strategy or you just have questions about how the whole process works, we’re here to help. Schedule a consultation and we will reach back out to you faster than you can say the word “Animation” (Your phone is probably ringing already)

What Types of Video Styles Do We Offer?

2D Animation :

This animation is going to be your cartoonish type of animation. This style is good

2D Contemporary :

This animation is best for explainer videos, Demonstrations, and to break down complex messages. 

Whiteboard Animation :

This is considered to be the most engaging of all the animation styles. Because the scenes are being drawn right before the audiences eyes. This is best for Microlearning videos, tutorials, and even really complex ideas. 

What Does Our Process Look Like?

We have designed a 4-step working procedure to ensure the ease of our customers and provide them exactly what they are looking for. 

Step1. You fill out the questionnaire and TJ will reach out to you to discuss the vision and details of your video.

Step2. Based on your gathered details, we will draft a script and send it back to you for your approval.

Step3. Once we have the approved script, we will send the script off to our voiceover artist and we will start creating the animations. 

Step4. Then BOOM! We deliver the magic to you in an email. 

Are we right for you?

It is true that our animated videos aren’t for everyone. Learn how to decide if we’re your best option.

Who should hire us?

  • If you prioritize experience and the ability to work with Animation Experts.
  • Quality is important to you.
  • You want to work with a team that is fast and responsive.
  • You want to benefit from years of video making experience.
  • You want expert guidance from professionals.

Who should not hire us?

  • You think experience is overrated.
  • Your main concern is finding a dirt-cheap solution; you could care less about quality.
  • Production that takes a long time is fine with you.
  • You crave the big company process and love paying 5x as much for it
  • You know everything!

What are the next steps?

Next we hop on a phone call and discuss the details of your next video. Even if you are still not convinced, set up a consultation phone call with us and we can see what is the best route to help you with your goals. We look forward to speaking with you.