We have crafted our prices, so our clients will know exactly what they are getting. Other companies will try and size you up to get every dollar out of you. We want to be different, our job is to serve you and create a video that is out of this world. Our prices are arranged so we have all the tools we need to craft the perfect video. We included the pricing for all 3 of our animation styles below. Check it out and let us know if you have any questions. 

Video Clips

$ $ 75 Short Video Clips you can use to engage with your audience
  • 6 - 10 Seconds
  • Voice over
  • Illustration & animation
  • Music
  • +$50 per additional clip

Template Videos

$ $ 150 We will use pre-made elements to create a video that is perfect for you
  • 30 Seconds
  • Narration / Voice over
  • Pre-made Animation
  • Music
  • Scripting
  • +$100 per 30 seconds added

Customized Videos

$ $ 350 Communicate your message more in detail
  • 30 - 45 Seconds
  • Narration / Voice over
  • Customized Animation
  • Music
  • Scripting
  • +$100 per 30 seconds added

Nonprofit Organizations receive 15% OFF

Animation Packages

Animated Pictures

Sometimes you just need something simple to get the job done. Want something for social media, a presentation, or an engaging flyer? Then a pack of animated pictures are perfect for you.

Animated Clips

Animated clips are perfect call to actions so your audience knows where to find you on other platforms. These are also great for attractive and engaging content on social media. 

Tj's Preferred

$ 1099 A set of videos to really tell your story and attract eyes!!
  • Animated explainer video series
  • includes a Plan of Attack
  • 3 Videos, Clips, and Pictures
  • Sound Effects

TJ's Preferred Video Series Package

Tj's Preferred: the perfect plan if you’re looking to do multiple videos

” I have learned a lot of things in the 6+ years I have been doing animation. One of the things that still amazes me is, how much people love animation! Their faces light up with delight every time. When I started out, I had the great opportunity to work with some well established small businesses. One of them asked me to create a video series for them. The videos would give different information but support each other. They even had the same main character and gave him a name. The video series was a huge success and brought in great results. I even caught up with the CEO of the company years later and he still loves the video series to this day. Animation will attract more eyes to your organization. With a video series, you can have something that helps walk them through the entire buying or donating process. “