Behind the Scenes of Owning a Business

Introduction to the Video Series

TJ's Entrepreneurial Journey

TJ is the CEO of TJ’s Animation Workshop. An animation company he started when he was a sophmore in college. Shortly after graduating college, TJ got a job as a broker in logistics. In less than a year he went full time into his animation business. He never thought he would be have a career in animation, but now he is creating a market in Memphis TN. 

Jordan's Entrepreneurial Journey

Jordan’s entrepreneurial journey started with him making CDs with his roomate in college. While working in the corporate world, he started his journey educating others on financial literacy. For years Jordan was working a job and running his business. One day he finally took a leap of faith and went full time into his business. 

The Employee VS Employer Mindset

When you are working a job, your boss gives you a list of tasks to accomplish. You go into work everyday and you know what your job and responsibilities are. As Business owners we are the employer, so you need to give yourself tasks and responsilities. 

Having an Intentional Work Ethic

You may be busy, but are you productive. Are you able to look at your month and say majority of your actions contributed towards your goal. Are you crystal clear on your goal and what actions you want to take to accomplish it? Make sure you are taking time to evaluate your goals and actions. 

Hardest Part About Being The Boss

As we know, working for yourself is different than working for someone else. You need to make sure you are always self-developing. You also have a personal connection to your organization, so your emotions can impact the way you make decisions. 

Difficulty About Getting Started

The fear of failurecan delay us getting started. Whether it is writing that proposal, starting on social media, or making that prospecting call it can be difficult making that first move. 

Don't Be Afraid To Fail

Failure is inevitable. You can not avoid making mistakes, but making mistakes makes you better. If you want long-term consistent success, you can not skip steps. 

What's Stopping You From Your Goals

Take some time to write down the obstacles that are stopping you from your goals. If you do not know your goals, then figure out what goals you want to accomplish by a period in time. 

Taking Calculated Risk

If you want to be a business owner, you need to take calculated risk. Because you started the buisness, you have an emotional connection that can make you hesitatant to make moves. You have to go through the failures in order to get to success. 

Importance of Networking

The saying holds true, “It’s not about what you know but who you know”. You can bring great exposure to your business, especially in your local community, by networking. 

Get More Active on Social Media

Homework 1: Expose your business by networking and get active on social media 

Homework 2: Find 1-2 mentors and meditate. 

Homework 3: When you wake up do not get on your phone and learn aggressively. 

Conclusion Message to You

Thank you for watching, we hope these series of videos gave you some insight on the behind the scenes of running a business.