We have created animations for numerous different industries and organization types. From explainer videos about an app, to nonprofit organizations, all the way to a 3 part saga about Santa Claus. The videos on this page are a small percentage of the videos we have created. Our videos can be used to explain what an organization does, they can educate the viewer on hard topics, and they can also tell a story that keeps the audience on their toes. We hope the videos below help showcase our range of skill. To view more of our work, click the button below to be taken to our YouTube page. 

Our.Love: The App for Couples

Our Love Company empowers people of all races, genders, sexual orientations and means, to love more and love better. 

The Our.Love™ app, combines the best of relationship science, artificial intelligence, natural language machine learning and game mechanics to deliver a fun and highly personalized experience to help each couple build stronger, more loving and enduring relationships. 

Mississippi State University

The MSU Entrepreneurship Center empowers students to plan, launch, and grow successful local and global companies based on new ideas or MSU invented technology. Their companies are graded in the real world – by success or failure with actual, paying customers. The Entrepreneurship Center is just one of a many areas where we have created animated videos to help Mississippi State communicate their message.  

Blacks In Nonprofits

The Blacks in Nonprofits organization’s focus is to connect black people in the nonprofit sector across the world to establish a positive space. They do all this through a popular Facebook group. They come together by supporting, networking, and sharing information pertaining to anything nonprofit with each other to build each other up and increase the impact together collectively in individual cities and neighborhoods.

Pinnacle Debit Card

When it comes to your financials, it can be hard to save money. It can be hard to carry cash and with debit cards you can’t see the money going out. This is why we created this video for Pinnacle Debit Card. You can load the money you need on the card and you are good to go. They have Professional support, on/off card control, and it is easy to set up. 

Inspired Committed Entrepreneurs

We weren’t taught financial education in schools so how do we know how to handle our finances? This is why we created this video for I.C.E. Hierarchy. So they can explain how they guide clients through the right decisions for their finances, teach them through financial education, and help give them a financial roadmap for the future.  

Quality Day Foundation, INC.

What should you know about domestic violence? We created this video for Quality Day Foundation to help bring awareness to domestic violence and educate others are things they can do to help those who need it. 

You Matter Too, INC.

You Matter Too, INC is a nonprofit organization that is mainly focused on helping kids who are bullied in Maricopa County (Arizona). This is why we created this video to help them talk about how they help make their community a better place for students. 

Break Away, INC.

The goal of Break Away, INC. is to give domestic violence victims a voice and to let them know they are not alone. We created this video for them so they can talk about their new center and the services they offer to the community. This video helps explain who they are. 

Pathoway Eco

The world is full of harmful germs and pathogens. This is why we created this video for Pathoway Eco. The video talks about how the product helps businesses and citizens keep their area safe from germs. (We enjoyed creating germ characters)